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What is TMCcraft?

TMCcraft (a minecraft server network) is all about it’s 2 gamemodes. Economy based factions and Traincarts Creative. In the Factions gamemode you can open your own shops with chestshops, start your auctions, rent a plot of land in the spawn, exchange your many for gold and much more, while stil being a faction server. Altough the gameplay has shifted more towards econemy instead of raiding. The Creative server is a wallhalla for Themepark enthousiasts. With tools like Traincarts, Wireless redstone, Worldedit and others you’ll be able to create your very own Themepark in minecraft. Build rollercoaster with connected trains, which can be controlled by complex (or simple) redstone systems. From changing the speed to hanging carts beneath a rail, with traincarts you can do it all!

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Christmas has arrived on TMCcraft!

The most wonderfull time of the year!

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New lobby!

We have a new and improved lobby! Also the Faction page on this website has been updated and now contains usefull information. Especially if your new to factions or economical[…]

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Factions updated to 1.14.4

Factions has now been updated to minecraft version 1.14.4. Adding lots of new blocks and features! Please report any bugs. 1.8.9 to 1.13.2 is also still supported, but does ofcourse[…]

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