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Full 1.16 support!

As of today TMCCraft has fully been updated to 1.16 including all the new features!

Chestauctions: New way to sell and auction

Thanks to a new plugin you can now sell your items in a global and easy to view way. This new feature allows you to either put items for sale or put them up for an 8 hour auction in a server wide shop/auction system. By typing /ca you can view all available items in a chest…
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1.15 support

EDIT: 1.15.1 is now fully supported including blocks on the factions server. You can now also join with the latest version of minecraft. 1.15 However we still recommend playing on 1.14.4 for the best experience. (1.15 blocks and other features are not yet supported)

Christmas has arrived on TMCcraft!

The most wonderfull time of the year!

New lobby!

We have a new and improved lobby! Also the Faction page on this website has been updated and now contains usefull information. Especially if your new to factions or economical plugins.!

Factions updated to 1.14.4

Factions has now been updated to minecraft version 1.14.4. Adding lots of new blocks and features! Please report any bugs. 1.8.9 to 1.13.2 is also still supported, but does ofcourse miss out on the new features.


In the past 2 weeks TMCcraft. slowly transformed from a single server to a Bungeecord network. Thanks to bungeecord we now have the option to add multiple servers including the upcoming Creative gamemode. To allow easy switching between servers we now also have a lobby. Take a look for yourself!

Website is online!

Join TMCcraft by entering in your minecraft launcher!